Our New Home

After searching for a landed property to rent around Bangsar and Sri Hartamas areas, we finally found a house that felt like home the moment we entered inside to view it. The house is in Medan Damansara – a double-storey-linked terrace house. The family occupied this house for more than 20 years. They decided to rent it out after the kids moved out; the landlady was relating how bored she feels staying alone in the house when the husband goes for work trips – so they decided to move into a condo. The exact opposite of what we are doing 😉 Moved out of our condo to stay in a landed property with some greneries.
Initially we were reluctant to rent the house since we felt that it’s quite big for just the two of us. We asked the agent to give us some time to think over it. And finally, we decided to rent this house because:
  • it truly felt like home;
  • the house faces the forest – with beautiful view and the sounds of the birds and insects – a total contrast to the hustle-bustle-city-centre where we lived earlier; 
  • the house comes in fully furnished, so moving in was not that big a hassle; and
  • it’s just a 10 minutes drive away from Alfred’s office – so no more stuck-in-traffic-jam stress!
We are happy with the choice we made. This will be our love nest for the time to come and the home where our baby will grow 🙂
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