After hearing mostly good reviews about this movie, we decided to go and watch it. I realized that suddenly everyone was talking about Inception – sort of a hype. Usually, from my experience, when something is really hyped up, the expectation tends to be very high and most of the time I’ll end up disappointed with the outcome. But, I must say that this movie lived up to my expectation. 
The plot is very intelligent; it leaves you thinking deeply. It took me two-days to recover from the movie, LOL. Many people said they watched it twice to understand and conclude the ending – the ending in the movie is the icing on the cake – it leaves you wondering about what is reality and what is not. We didn’t watch it twice – the effect of watching the movie for the first time itself  had a lingering effect in me – I was in a dream-like state for a few days. Very intelligent plot – kudos to the director; and good casting;- however, there’s nothing to shout about Leonardo’s acting (I preferred his acting in Shutter Island – that was superb!). I would rate this movie 5/5. This type of intelligent-think-outside-the-box-type-of-movie is difficult to come by nowadays. Definitely worth the watch!
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