Naan Mahaan Alla

I have been hanging out with Mages for the past week or so. It was a good change for me – rather than being cooped up in the house alone, it was fun venturing out to new vegetarian eating places with Mages. Mages introduced me to 2 organic vegetarian restaurants; one in Damansara Utama and the other one in Bangsar. Both have excellent and a tantalizing variety of vegetarian fare. I appreciated her company a lot especially since I spend most of the days alone at home while my husband is away at work. During times like these, when I am out with Mages trying out new vegetarian places to dine in, I value the amount of free time that we both have. And having a good company is certainly an icing on the cake. I have to thank Mages for being such a wonderful company and for feeding me delicious vegetarian dishes 🙂
One of the days after having a delectable vegetarian cuisine for lunch, we decided to catch a matinee show in PJ. We decided to watch the latest movie showing at that time which was Naan Mahaan Alla. Our mistake was that we didn’t know the storyline nor did we read the review of the movie. The movie turned out to be very VIOLENT and I was traumatized by some of the scenes so much so that everytime I think about the movie, I’d rather not talk about it. My rating: 0/5!
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