Eat Pray Love

I am taking all the opportunity I have to watch as many movies in the theater as I can before I deliver. I am a diligent movie-goer but if you ask me to catch movies on the DVD, I’d most likely never end up watching it. I love going to the cinemas and watching movies with a group of people – it just makes the experience special. 
With 3 more weeks before my due date, Eat Pray Love is at the top of my must-watch movies. Alfred and I enjoyed the movie. It’s full of meaning and forced us to reflect on our own journey in life. The message from the movie reminded us of some of the spiritual lessons learned over the past few months. – the liberating power of forgiveness, letting go and surrendering yourself. I love Ketut‘s (one of the characters in the movie) easy-going nature and his advice on meditation – ‘meditate with a smile on your face and imagine your heart is smiling too’.

Being a typical book hoarder, I have yet to read the Eat Pray Love book that has been sitting on my bookshelf for almost a year now. I am definitely looking forward to reading the book after watching this movie. A beautiful movie with a beautiful message, I would give a rating of 5/5. 

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2 Responses to Eat Pray Love

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Geeta!Not too sure if you will oggin into this before your delivery date! Just caught up on your blog and thoughts generally! I am sure you are about to pop anytime soon and just wanted to wish you all the luck and happy delivering :)Regards to Alfred!Do let me know how it goes :)Good luck again babe!Gaya

  2. AGAPE says:

    Hey, Gaya! So good to hear from you. I am still with my full-term pregnant belly waiting to pop. Doesn't look like anytime soon, hmmm. I'll definitely let you know of the whole experience! Miss you, gal! Hope everything is well at your end. Hope you find the job that you wanted. Regards to Aaron (I still remember the look on his face at Delicious Cafe when he saw his chocolate cake :))

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