The waiting game

I am still playing the waiting game – boy, it’s nerve-wrekking! When I first felt the Braxton-Hicks contractions (false alarm) which was quite painful, I thought labor day is near. That contractions-scare sent me on a cleaning and organizing frenzy at 37-week of pregnancy. The following week (38 weeks), I didn’t feel any painful Braxton-Hicks contractions. 
When I went for checkup last week Friday (week 38 of pregnancy), the doctor ordered that I go for the CTG (cardiotocographics) test to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and to record any contractions. From the CTG report, I was having mild contractions 10 minutes apart. From the ultrasound test, the doctor mentioned that there’s still long time for labor to start since my cervix has yet to ripen or efface. The baby’s position is still not engaged. Now I am 39 weeks into pregnancy and my cervix is still not showing any signs of thinning. I felt disappointed. 
I am feeling very exited to meet my little one but looks like there’ll be no sign of labor anytime soon. My due date is given on 18th October, which is next Monday. By the way things are looking right now, I might have to go through induced labor. Crossing my fingers and pleading the cooperation from my body so that labor will come naturally before next Wednesday.
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