Ravi Mamma’s 50th Birthday Celebration

It was a surprise birthday party for my maternal uncle, Ravi Mamma for his 50th birthday. The organizer for the party is my beloved grandpa – and boy, it was a great party with close family members and friends. We had a blast! My grandpa invited two of his lady friends to come and cook for the party. The food was delicious! The best part was the look on my uncle’s face when he saw a big crowd in his house – and the mess in his kitchen!

Me, my sis, mom, Noah (my sister’s son who was born on the same day as Svadhi only 2 hours apart), and grandpa
Devan and Alfred bbq-ing
My cousin, Natasha and sis, Suhashini
Happy 50th birthday to my uncle Ravi

The bonus was the latest 2 additions in the family – Svadhi and Noah. They were the centre of attention in the party. Sorry, uncle Ravi, they stole the limelight 😛

Svadhi and Noah – cousins who share the same birthday having a nap together
Wrap-up for the night – dance session
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