Babywearing – Ring Sling

This week has been the first week of taking care of my baby by myself without any help.  I had been staying at my mom’s place in Melaka for almost 2 months after Svadhi was born. I was fortunate to have many helping hands to help me with a colicky newborn. Before coming back to KL, I have been doing lots of reading on baby wearing. I was resolute on not using a swing cradle as I’ve heard many stories on how babies become so dependent on it to fall asleep and how it becomes so cumbersome to move the cradle when traveling.

Baby-wearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or other form of carrier. Baby-wearing is awesome as it allows you to do some chores around the house and it also calms and helps the baby to fall-asleep. I bought a ring-sling and it’s awesome! It needs a little bit of practice to use the ring sling (make sure you are confident enough to use the ring sling before going hands-free). But after you get a hang of it, it’s so easy to use.

As for me, drying clothes was a tiring affair since I have to run back and forth to calm my crying baby. Ever since I used the ring sling, it is a WIN-WIN situation for both of us – I get to do some simple chores around the house and she gets to be close to her mummy and doze off eventually – it’s AMAZING! I get so thrilled seeing my baby doze off on my chest while I get some things done.

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