Week 8

At 8 weeks, my little darling was talking alot. She can be a lawyer. She is beginning to recognize faces and she smiles very often now – which certainly makes my day. Her favorite bedtime routine is suckling – that’s how she dozes off every night. I co-sleep with her while she happily suckles – a win-win situation – she gets her milk and is pacified and I get to catch some sleep. She’ll squirm and toss when she’s hungry every 2 to 3 hours and I’ll just get her to latch and fall asleep – a fantastic arrangement for a sleep-deprived mummy.

Ever since I came back to KL, her sleep routine has changed. She started sleeping after dawn and wakes up just before 8 a.m. dutifully. I am happy that her Circadian rhythm has finally adjusted to the day and night routine. But that said, I find it almost impossible to do anything when she is awake during the daytime. When I move away from her rocker, she starts to cry demanding attention and I had to leave whatever I am doing and run back to her. The ring sling is a life-saver – at least I get to do some laundry and organize the house.

She loves being talked and sung to during bath and when dressing her up. I noticed she enjoys it when I constantly talk and sing to her – varying the tone of my voice; she will just stare and coo. That makes bathing and changing her relatively easy for me. And I’ll always make sure that I feed her before bath time – that’ll put her in a relatively good mood. She becomes extremely inconsolable even if I’ve just fed her an hour ago – that makes the bathing time extremely stressful.

At night, I’ve basically given in to her demand of wanting to suckle before dozing off. I guess co-sleeping will be a long-term scenario in this case.

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