Happy birthday to my darling husband

Today is Alfred’s birthday. I planned a surprise for him when the clock strikes 12 o’clock midnight. That morning I baked a chocolate cake with whatever ingredients I had. Baking while having a baby around had me running back and forth. I didn’t have the time to make an icing for the cake. I was happy enough that I didn’t burn the cake while attending to my baby. I hid the cake in the oven knowing that the oven is the only kitchen equipment that Alfred doesn’t use.

I made a plan with John and invited him over – asked his favor to get some candles as well. Alfred didn’t suspect a thing – he thought John came over because it was his off day. Alfred ordered pizzas and garlic bread for dinner that night. It remained a surprise until —- he decided to use the oven to heat up the garlic bread and found the cake inside! So, my plan was botched by the very person I wanted to surprise, lol.

Uncle John is entertaining me while my papa is busy with his video game

Happy birthday, darling!

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