Bath time

My mom has been bathing Svadhi using the traditional Indian method from the day she was born. After 1 month, I started bathing baby using the same way as my mom taught me. Initially it looked scary to me, but eventually I find this method easier and safer than bathing her in a tub. And it’s a great way for me to massage her and she seems to enjoy it!

Traditional Indian way of bathing a newborn: by sitting on a wooden plank (that is raised 4-6 inches above the ground) and stretching your legs straight, place the baby gently with her head towards you in the “dip” created between your legs – thereby the baby’s neck is well supported and cannot roll off. Then, pour warm water all over her gently and without splashing. Apply soap all over her and gently massage. Turn her over gently with her facing down and apply soap and massage her back.

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