Weekend @ Seri Kembangan

We drove to Seri Kembangan to my uncle’s place on the weekend. It was my uncle’s first time of meeting Svadhi and he was more than happy to entertain her – today was the first time I got to see the other side of my uncle – the soft-and-loving side of him. It was heart-warming to see him talk incessantly to Svadhi – and she seemed to be listening to every single word he was saying.

My cousin, Nanthakumar with Svadhi

My paternal uncle having baby talk with Svadhi

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2 Responses to Weekend @ Seri Kembangan

  1. ckuramitz says:

    I read though what i have missed out in the past mths. Think u r doing a great job …and u know i am amazed that you use the swing…i actually received it from a dear fren for Aina when we were in US, but bodoh me…i was like, wats this..too much hassle to use..But i think its probably very handy esp to get work done at home… Both my kids are left in the play pen with the mobile spinning…and onli get picked up when they cry and i cant tahan.. i malas carry carry…nanti kena deman carry…hahaha

    • geeta79 says:

      Yes, cath – the sling was a life-saver for me. Now that she’s grown, I am using the baby carrier to get some chores done.

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