Baby Carriers

I’ve been reading quite abit on all the different types of baby-carriers and the suitability and practicality of each one of them. I am not a big fan of strollers – though it can come in handy during a stroll in the park. But I prefer to have a baby-carrier when doing grocery shopping and some other household chores – I’ll know that my baby is safe with me and it saves the hassle of pushing a stroller along narrow aisles of the supermarkets; and the baby will less fussy since she is close to her mummy – plus I will get to do some workout  by carrying an extra weight around 😉

My main criteria in selecting a good baby-carrier is that both the carrier and the baby should be comfortable. So, I don’t mind investing in a good baby carrier which can be used for a couple of years. After researching on the numerous soft-structured carriers, I’ve narrowed down to 2 choices that seems practical for me:

  • Baby Bjorn:

Baby Bjorn carrier

– most comfy of all the baby-carriers

– front carry only – either facing inwards or outwards

– Con: bulky

  • Ergo babywearing:

Ergo Organic baby carrier

– most useful

– front, back, and hip carrying positions

– can carry toddlers up to 40 pounds (18 kg)

– not as comfortable as Baby Bjorn

– Built-in sunhood

– Compact and light

Since both the Baby Bjorn and Ergo baby carriers are similarly priced, I find that Ergo baby carrier gives more value for money – especially so since it allows weight up to 18 kg. One feature that I liked about the Baby Bjorn carrier is that you can carry the baby facing inwards or outwards (I know that Svadhi loves to watch the world go by) but Ergo baby carrier only allows baby to be carried facing inwards.

I had a tough time deciding. Finally, I went with Ergo Organic baby carrier – it felt practical to me to invest in a baby carrier which I can use for a couple of years and I loved that they have an organic option for the Ergo carrier. Plus, I love the built-in sunhood – perfect if I want to nurse her while she is in the carrier. I bought the Ergo organic baby carrier for RM399 and it’s worth the purchase 🙂

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