A visit from a friend

Lil mouse

My university mate, Mel came to pay us a visit. She is also a stay-at-home-mom – YAY! I have company! She brought her adorable-1-year-old daughter, Asha and both Svadhi and Asha were checking each other out 🙂 It was great catching up with Mel. Sometimes when you are alone taking care of a baby and with the baby clinging to you 24/7, it is a great respite to just sit and chat with a friend and compare notes on parenting and realize that you are not alone. I can’t wait to take Svadhi out for play-dates – now I have a couple of friends who have daughters about the same age as Svadhi. And I am so looking forward to take her out and meet people and engage in so many different activities – the adventure awaits us!

Mel with her daughter Asha and us

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2 Responses to A visit from a friend

  1. Mel & Sham says:

    Can’t wait to start going out with you and precipus Svadhi too!

  2. Mel & Sham says:

    oooops… i mean precious! 🙂

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