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Gaya’s Nalangu

We went over to Alfred’s niece, Gaya’s house in Kepong to attend her Nalangu (one of the Indian wedding rituals performed usually a day before the wedding to bless the bride and groom). From the moment we entered the house … Continue reading

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Potluck party

We were invited for a potluck cum surprise birthday party for one of our neighbor, Ainon. It’s amazing to live in a neighborhood where the neighbors take the effort to throw a surprise birthday party for another neighbor. In today’s … Continue reading

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The perks of breastfeeding

The perks of breastfeeding exclusively: A baby with a stronger immune system Traveling is easy – no need to pack bottles, flask, etc. Less washing up – no need to wash and sterilize bottles, etc. Continuous supply – there’s no … Continue reading

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Blackhole Mosquito trap

For many months we were at wits end trying to find a solution to get rid of mosquitoes inside our house. We’ve tried almost everything, but often Svadhi becomes a very easy target for the mosquitoes – she ends up … Continue reading

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Noah’s baptism

Today is my sister’s baby Noah’s baptism at the Christ Church, Melaka. It was a joyful occasion attended by close family members and friends.

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Svadhi’s first solid food

I have been breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months now- YAY! And the time has come for Svadhi to have her first taste of solid food. I relied on my maternal instinct in deciding when she’s ready for solid food – … Continue reading


Breastfeeding Myths

As I was exclusively breastfeeding my baby for the first 6 months, I get asked all sorts of questions from curious neighbors to inquisitive onlookers about breastfeeding, the common one being “Enough milk for the baby, ah?”. Although there is … Continue reading

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Svadhi is 6 months old

I can’t believe my baby girl is growing up so quickly! She’s almost ready for solid food now. I am so blessed that I get to spend all my time with her – watching her grow is utter joy. This … Continue reading


Chitra Pournami (Full Moon Day)

Today is Chitra Pournami (Full moon day). Every year there will be a procession with a chariot around my neighbourhood on that day. Although we walked with the procession¬† only once, we always look forward to the chariot passing by … Continue reading

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We have been trying to get Svadhi to spend more time on her tummy. She does scoot backwards on her belly, but she does not like being on her tummy. I make sure that she does at least 10-minute session … Continue reading

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