ERGO baby carrier

We bought this organic ERGO baby carrier a few months back and it’s amazing! When I am back in KL and had to care for my baby by myself, babywearing makes it safe and easy for me to stay productive while tending to the needs of my baby.

The ERGO organic baby carrier uses organically grown cotton, utilizing natural agricultural methodology without the application of toxic chemicals. The organic ERGO baby carrier is made in India. The price differential between the organic and non-organic carrier is so small that it makes so much sense to buy the organic version.

Why I love the ERGO baby carrier:

  • Comfortable and ergonomic design – padded straps and waistband which distributes most of the weight to the wearer’s hips, reducing back and shoulder strain
  • Comfortable for the baby – the ERGO is designed in such a way that the baby actually uses your body as part of the support system, with their legs supported rather than dangling in mid air – this seated positioning provides more support for your growing baby’s spine and posture – this is the bit that I loved the most!
  • Versatile – babies can be carried up front, on one hip or piggyback style
  • Light weight – easy to pack and easy to put my baby in and out of the carrier
  • Long-term use – can be used all the way through her toddler years (it can support up to 18 kg in weight)
  • Sun-hood – perfect for a nursing mother


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