Svadhi’s first solid food

I have been breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months now- YAY! And the time has come for Svadhi to have her first taste of solid food. I relied on my maternal instinct in deciding when she’s ready for solid food – for the past few weeks, I noticed her watching me closely  and salivating as I eat.

I am an advocate of preparing fresh wholesome natural food from scratch- and that’s what I am dedicated to feeding my baby. I find it crucial to train the baby’s palate to enjoy healthy foods in their most natural forms – it’s all about training the taste buds from an early age.

I was debating whether to introduce brown rice cereal or sweet potato puree as her first food. Finally, I resorted to brown rice cereal in order to introduce to her the flavor of whole grains – to take her out of the zone of the naturally sweet breast milk.

I made a puree of brown rice and mixed it with breast milk to get a thin consistency. Svadhi was so eager to have her first taste of solid food. I was glad she took it well.

Getting ready for her first food experience



It is advised to introduce single food one at a time for a consecutive period of 3-5 days to rule out any allergic reactions. After the first 2 to 3 weeks of eating single foods, you can start to combine your baby’s “safe” foods for more flavor variety and interest.

Svadhi’s meal plan for the week:

  • Brown rice puree (Sun – Wed)
  • Sweet potato puree (Wed – Fri)
  • Banana mashed (Sat – Tue)
  • Avocado mashed (Wed – Thurs)
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