MooGoo Skincare

Svadhi has been having inflamed red patches on her face and neck. First, it will appear as tiny red bumps that will later ooze out when she scratches. Besides the awful sight of having red patches all over her face, what bothered me most is the relentless scratching which disrupts her sleep. When we brought her to the clinic, we found out it’s infant eczema. The doctor advised me to stop consuming any dairy products (since  Svadhi is still on breastmilk) and prescribed hydrocortisone – a type of steroid. I’ve been using the cream and to my delight the red patches healed almost overnight. Amazed at its quick effects, I applied it religiously over the days. Then, I came across an article which advises against the use of any streroid-based cream on infants – prolonged use can cause  suppresed immune system and it will then require higher dosage of the cream for it to work. I stopped using the cream immediately.

Then, I came across this article on MooGoo skincare – which advocates the use of natural-based ingredients to moisturize the skin. The skin of eczema sufferers needs to be kept moist and supple. MooGoo does not use Paraffin/Mineral oil (ingredients which can irritate the skin further). I was so elated having found a natural cream with no harsh chemicals. I decided to give it a try and it WORKED BIG TIME! Would strongly recommend this product to anyone (adult/infant) with a sensitive skin.

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