Ever since Svadhi was born, we have been using the government health services for all her immunisations and check-ups. At first, I was a little apprehensive of the idea since we are so used to going to private hospitals/clinics. So, when I heard about the government’s Ibu & Anak program, I told Alfred to register the birth of our baby at the nearest government clinic. Upon registering the birth of a baby, the nurses will pay a visit to the house to do a general check-up of the mother and baby. I thought to myself “This is excellent!” Having a nurse to come over the house to see if everything is alright with the baby just sounded too good to be true. I must attest that we were very satisfied (even surprised) with the excellent services rendered by the medical assistants. They come almost daily (even on weekends!). They did a complete check on my baby – checked the baby’s weight, the extent of the jaundice and etc; and myself – checked my blood pressure, temperature and the C-section scar. They also guided and encouraged me on breastfeeding. The nurses were very patient and spent some time answering to all my questions being it my first child.

I guess the quality of the services in government hospitals/clinics had been underrated. For us, the Ibu & Anak program is excellent. And it costs nothing! Definitely worth the taxpayers’ money.

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