My poor baby is sick

Svadhi came down with a high fever a couple of days back and the fever persisted even after taking paracetamol. The doctor said that she is having sore throat. But looking at the symptoms, I suspected it was roseola infantum. One of the doctors even prescribed antibiotics without finding out if it’s a viral or bacterial infection. I am appaled at the rate at which antibiotics are prescribed to babies. At such tender age, antiobiotics should not be given to babies unless it’s absolutely necessary. Luckily I followed my maternal instinct and didn’t give her the antibiotics. But I was concerned on the persisting high fever. I stopped giving her the paracetamol since the fever persisted even after taking it. I nursed her throughout the day and sponged her frequently. I finally brought her to the pediatrician and she inserted a suppository to bring the fever down. Upon doing a blood test, it was confirmed a viral infection. A few days later, Svadhi came up with faint pink spots on her skin – roseola infantum – a viral infection which typically affects babies.

At the pediatrician's clinic

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