Her favorite stroller

Whenever we are out, I am used to carrying Svadhi using the Ergo baby-carrier. We did try to put her in the stroller (a gift from a friend) when we go to the park, but she always end up crying. She just didn’t seem to like to be in the stroller. Then I saw a little boy going for his evening stroll in an old-fashioned-back-in-those-days stroller. It looks like a pushcart. I immediately felt Svadhi would love it. And true enough, she did! Since it’s unique, we get many curious onlookers and they go “Oh, my so cute!” Now we enjoy going for evening strolls around our neighborhood – and Svadhi will be sitting like a little boss in her favorite cart.

An evening stroll at the recreational forest, Air Keroh Melaka

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