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Durian Butter cake

This is my second time baking a durian cake and it turned out better than the first recipe. I’ve included more durian flesh in this recipe – hence the cake turned out dense and rich in flavor and it feels … Continue reading

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@ Mel’s house

We had a great time at Mel’s house. The little girls enjoyed each others company. The big girls @ the mommies had great time chatting about the good ol’ university days. And I especially enjoyed my lunch – Mel is … Continue reading

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Sometimes mealtime becomes battle-time. When Svadhi turned 9 months, I brought her for a regular checkup at the Klinik Ibu & Anak TTDI and the nurse advised me to stop pureeing her food and start feeding her coarser textures. At … Continue reading

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36 weeks

Svadhi is 9 months and cruising. The beginning of the exploration phase and the guarding work for mommy. She’s standing while holding onto something and then promptly lets go and tries to balance. Begins identifying words to the respective objects/person … Continue reading

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Yuvnaa’s Fullmoon

Yuvnaa is my cousin, Manggai’s baby girl and she is 1 month old today. They invited us for a lunch gathering to celebrate Yuvnaa’s fullmoon. Spending time with a newborn is a pure joy- brings out the inner stillness in … Continue reading

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The cheeky monkey

Now I call her crab (since she crawls so fast) and lil monkey (since she loves clinging on to me and adores bananas) :))

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2nd year wedding anniversary

We are married for 2 years and it has been a great year with a new addition in the family.  Although at times I feel bad for not giving Alfred the attention he deserves because of the baby, he has … Continue reading

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Svadhi and I have been staying at my parent’s place in Melaka for a couple of months to get away from the noise and dust from the renovation next to our home in KL. Svadhi grew very attached to my … Continue reading

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