Real Connections

A couple of years ago, as I was sitting and surfing – it dawned upon me that I have turned into a cyber-freak – the addiction to staying connected all the time and the compulsive obsession to check my emails all the time. I asked myself – why don’t I just go out and do something and have real social contact with people – rather than be hooked online. Whatever happened to real human connections – going out with someone and spending some quality time with friends and family – it’s turning into a less-frequent affair. As for me, I realized the importance of balancing life and work – I remind myself to do all the fun activities – one of it my new-found passion – hiking. Alfred says that one of the reasons he loves me is that I am so passionate about everything I do. After having a baby, I realized that I have to start participating in activities that I love to do – start going outdoors more often – and live it! That’s what I’ve been doing lately with Svadhi – we go and meet people and we simply love to be out with nature. Deep down I feel happy knowing that my child is savoring all the simple pleasures in life.

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