Breastfeeding and allergies

For months I was figuring out what was it that I am eating that is causing rashes on Svadhi’s face and scalp. The pediatrician advised me to stop consuming any dairy products since it aggravates eczema. Albeit eliminating any form of dairy products from my diet, Svadhi was still suffering from the same problem. Then, I eliminated eggs from my diet thinking it might be the allergen. But the rash persists. After reading this paragraph from the book Great Expectations: Best food for your baby & toddler I realized the cause:

“Breastfeeding moms should avoid eating any form of peanuts, peanut butter, or tree nuts while nursing, and possibly egg, cow’s milk, or fish as well.”

Ah hah! Peanuts! I had been eating peanut butter and snacking on groundnuts almost everyday and it didn’t at all cross my mind that it could be the cause of Svadhi’s rash. There goes one of my favorite food off the list! At least I identified the factor. Now, Svadhi is a happy baby and she sleeps better.

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