No Routine

I read an interesting posts from Zen Habits this morning on a “A Day in the life of a minimalist” which raised an interesting question on my mind – Do I have a routine in my life? When I was working, I’ve never had to wake up at the same time everyday since being in the academic line gives me plenty of flexibility to plan my day. I never liked set-in-stone routines and rules – I feel stifled. But having said that, sometimes I feel like I’ve just wasted another day by not doing something productive. Then, I realised that it’s all about balance – tipping too end of a scale leaves me feeling drained or bored. Having good habits that you look forward to doing every day is the way to go.

The above-mentioned article on ZenHabits left me inspired to lead a life without any set-routines and live a life with passion and good habits. After having a baby, I realized how much I miss some of the things that I love doing. One of it – meditating in the early hours of the morning – I miss the peace and tranquility within me after a good session of meditation.

Now, my routine revolves around Svadhi’s sleep hours and naptimes. I get to do my personal stuffs – blogging, surfing, tweezing, nail-clipping, etc. – when she’s asleep. Our typical day starts with Svadhi waking up, singing Good Morning song, brunch (she wakes up pretty late since she doesn’t sleep through the night), bathtime, playtime, nap time,  sing-song time, evening walk, dinner, bath, story-time, and bedtime – not necessarily in the said order – it depends on when she feels like taking a nap. Pretty much, everything revolves around her timing. Sometimes, I get stressed out for not being able to carry out the plan I had for the day, but soon I’ve learned to be more attuned to my baby’s cues. My mantra is “Smile, breathe and just go with the flow” – and it has helped me to cope so far.

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3 Responses to No Routine

  1. bharathi says:

    its nice to read all your posts.. i was searching for something and got a chance of landing here 🙂

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