Beautiful morning

When I was a teenager, I remembered that I was never a morning person. I used to love sleeping in late. But ever since I started savoring the beauty of dawns, I simply loathe getting up any later than 7 a.m. I feel I am missing out a great deal if I don’t go for my early morning walks. Now fast forward to the present moment, because of Svadhi’s frequent-late-night-waking-ups, I usually wake up groggily and going for morning walks will be the last thing on my mind. Most of the days, I just wish I can catch up on my sleep. But now since we have a dog with us, I made a pact with Sena that I will bring her for a walk at least once a day – either in the morning or evening. Today is a beautiful morning – and I feel grateful to be out enjoying the beauty of nature.

View from our porch

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