Svadhi and her antics

Some updates of Svadhi’s growing months:

46 weeks:

  • Very interactive
  • The start of the temper-tantrum-saga
  • Loves music – she’ll start dancing to the beat!

12 months:

  • First trip to India
  • Starts communicating all her requests non-verbally

13 months:

  • Nap time and bedtime gets harder
  • Starts developing fear: frightened when she hears the dog barking, or when the Baa-Baa Black sheep bleats, and when we go into dark places like the cinema.
  • Loves the water!
  • Says Amma, Appa, Tatta, and her favorite word Nanna when she wants to nurse.
  • Starts having her little babyish-gibberish conversations – it’s so cute!

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