Homemade Vanilla Extract

A couple of months back, I stumbled upon a hidden treasure tucked away in my kitchen cabinet – a packet of vanilla beans bought during our honeymoon trip in Reunion. I’ve always wanted to make homemade vanilla extract and when I finally laid my hands on the beautiful pods of vanilla (which is quite costly, by the way), I didn’t know how to proceed. So, there sat the pods untouched for 2 years.

As the new year just around the corner, I made it a priority to put the vanilla pods to some use. So, I started browsing for homemade vanilla extract recipes.  When I looked into it with a little more attention, I realized making your own extract could not be simpler. All I needed in addition to the vanilla pods is a bottle of vodka. And some patience for the 2-month wait for the vanilla extract to be ready for use!

Day 1: Vanilla pods infused in vodka

You’ll need:

  • vanilla pods
  • vodka
  • glass jar with tight fitting lid
  • sharp knife
  1. Sterilize the jar, lid and knife before using.
  2. Using a sharp knife, cut lengthwise down the center of the vanilla beans, leaving about an inch at the top of the bean uncut.
  3. Tuck the beans in the jar and cover the beans completely with vodka.
  4. Tightly cover the jar and give it a good shake.
  5. Place the jar in a cool dark cabinet. Let the jar rest in there for 2 months.
  6. Give the bottle a good shake every week or so. The mixture will get darker and darker over time.

The sunset effect happens as soon as the pods hit the vodka and after a good shake, the  soft hue dissipates slowly into the mixture. And for the rest of the day, my hands smelt of the divine-vanilla-scent. I am so in love with my homemade vanilla extract. Can’t wait to use it for my baking!

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