Family Reunion @ PD ~31/12/2011 – 2/1/2012

Every year, all the cousins from my maternal side plan for a family get together. Last year we stayed only 1 day in PD and it was too short a trip – especially when we were having lots of fun! This year we booked 2 nights stay at one of the bungalows in PD.

We barbequed, cooked, played games, chatted, stayed up late night playing Taboo, played in the pool, swam in the ocean and laughed to our hearts content. We spent most of our time in the bungalow, savoring an array of my mom’s signature dishes –nasi lemak, lontong and pan mee.

Svadhi loves water and slide – both of which were available in the bungalow we stayed in. My little girl had so much fun – and she stayed awake for the countdown 🙂 During this trip I saw my dad and grandpa laughed their heart out throughout the night – not knowing that they were laughing at each other! The effects of whiskey, I must say. Their laughter was so contagious and before we knew it, we were in tears laughing at both of them.

All in all, it’s a trip that leaves precious memories. Looking forward to the next gathering!

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