Jolly Phonics

We started going for the Jolly Phonics class at my friend Mel’s place a week ago. With actions and songs for each of the 42-letter sounds, Jolly Phonics is a very motivating and fun way of learning. Svadhi will sit captivated throughout the class staring at the actions made by the teacher, Marcia. She enjoys the songs and actions that go with the letter sounds. It’s so amazing at the level of progress she has made so far. I am astounded at times when I catch her doing some of the actions and pronounce some of the vowels and letters. It’s so entertaining for us to see her cute little fingers moving animatedly doing all the actions when we play the songs in the car.

After the singing, we do some arts and crafts. We did painting, coloring, and made a snake from stockings. Ever since that, she insist on having a pen in her hand to scribble on a book. It’s so rewarding to see your child learn in a fun and jolly environment.

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