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Menu Plan

I used to wake up dreading the question: What to cook today? Now and then, I stumble upon rotting food in the fridge. That was how disorganized I was back then. The idea of menu-planning seemed daunting at first. But, … Continue reading

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Jolly Phonics_Netting day

Today’s activity is to fish out all the individual items using a fish net.

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Attachment Parenting

This term caught my attention when I was browsing through a blog one day. When I looked it up, I realize it affirms to my goals in parenting and I was ecstatic to read further. Attachment parenting is a term … Continue reading

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Weekend @ my sister’s place

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Ibu Jumble sale

I picked up some very nice dresses for Svadhi for a very reasonable price during the Ibu jumble sale held at Summerfields Preschool, Sri Hartamas. Most of the items on sale were still in very good condition. Svadhi was exhilarated … Continue reading

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Jolly Phonics_Flour Fun!

Today’s activity is playing with flour! Asha sure did have lots of fun kneading the dough and stretching it out to see how far the dough goes before it snaps. Svadhi on the other hand was more than happy to … Continue reading

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A homemaker’s joy

At times, when I catch myself lamenting at how I miss my previous job as a lecturer and how much joy I derived in teaching, I pause and ask myself this question: Am I liking my current job? Am I … Continue reading

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Dome’s Fish n Chips

Dome serves one of the best fish & chips I have ever tasted. It’s light and crispy on the outside and the flesh of fish inside just melts in the mouth. It doesn’t leave me feeling greased-out after polishing off … Continue reading

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Present Moment ~ Wonderful Moment

Today as I was washing my plate, a small voice whispered within me: slow down and savour every moment. It suddenly occurred to me that I had been rushing through things lately. There’s always more things to do. One after … Continue reading

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