A homemaker’s joy

At times, when I catch myself lamenting at how I miss my previous job as a lecturer and how much joy I derived in teaching, I pause and ask myself this question: Am I liking my current job? Am I happy being a homemaker? That led me to do some soul-searching. Have I fully embraced my current role? My role as a wife and a mother. Have I been carrying out my role with full passion and love? Do I derive a great level of satisfaction when I carry out my role?

Part of the satisfaction of being a homemaker is that it gives me immense joy to put food on the table and see my family savour every morsel of the home-cooked meal. My favourite part is the sound of a satisfied burp at the end of the meal – it’s deeply gratifying to feed people.

When I watch my daughter grow and love others, I feel satisfied knowing that I am a part of that. When I see her strong and healthy, I take pride in knowing that I am nourishing her with wholesome home-cooked food. When I watch her smile, I know that she knows I am always there for her. That gives me immeasurable joy 🙂

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