Menu Plan

I used to wake up dreading the question: What to cook today? Now and then, I stumble upon rotting food in the fridge. That was how disorganized I was back then. The idea of menu-planning seemed daunting at first. But, I decided to give it a try. I started to set aside half-an-hour every week to menu plan. And the result: A happy, healthy and well-fed family! And I am happy to declare that wastage is minimized in this household. I’ve never looked back since.

Why I menu plan:

  • Saves money: Menu-for-the-week helps me greatly in coming up with a grocery list and prevents me from buying items I don’t need.
  • Less wastage: I only buy things I need for the coming week.
  • Healthy meals: When I menu plan, I make sure the meals are well-balanced and wholesome. This greatly reduces the compulsive urge to dump junk food into the shopping cart.
  • Variety is the spice of life: I tend to bookmark all the recipes I want to try and never made them. Coming up with a menu plan gives me the avenue to put all the delectable recipes to some good use. The result: a very happy husband for having a wide variety of fares on the table for the week.

Just by spending less than an hour every week to come up with a menu plan makes a huge difference in our life.

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4 Responses to Menu Plan

  1. kkomzkom says:

    Reading your blog makes me miss you even more!!!!! ;(……….. time is so tight at the moment but promise will make plans to meet up soon!!! please kiss svadhi for me and much love to you and alfred!!! take care dear!!!!


    • geeta79 says:

      Kom, I miss you too! It has been some time. Let’s meet up soon kay! Hugzzz to you, Anand, Niveyshaa and Davinesh 🙂

  2. ckuramitz says:

    dear geetha
    Its been ages since we last spoke…i think after you got pregnant, u just went disappeared.The only I check in with you is through your blog…and I have to tell you, that I think u r really a motivation to young moms and wife out there. Wow, I am so happy and impressed with you…Looks like you certainly have chosen the right path by choosing your heart’s instinct. I think your daughter and your hubby should be so blessed to have such dotting mum and wife. I am wishing you all the best in ur future undertakings and please do continue to keep us “educated” with your findings and your wisdom…very refreshing indeed.

  3. geeta79 says:

    Aww Cath, you are too kind. You are the superwoman and you are my inspiration! Whenever I am stressed out handling Svadhi, I think of you – helps me to calm down, hehe. I love reading your blog and be inspired. The amount of things you are juggling now and still managing to keep your cool – hats off to you!

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