Today is a sad day for my family. My beloved grandmother has just passed away. I sat in a corner and observed the world go about. I saw tears shed. I watch family members hug each other and provide words of comfort. It’s heart-warming to see love and support lent during moments of grief. There’s something curing in watching family reunite during a funeral. One of the things I realized about passing is that it leaves each and every family member stronger as a unit. Death draws people closer. It’s solacing to see how ties are renewed and grudges are set aside during a passing.

When I watched her in her deathbed, I thought about my own death. It was a nudge to re-examine my own life. In the hurry of a busy life, have I taken a moment to slow down and savor every moment? Death is scary – it’s easier to elude the topic. However, death is inevitable. What matters the most is how we live our life. What legacy will I leave behind? How would I want to be remembered? Those questions lingered on my mind. To be able to embrace death and live a life of purpose is the ultimate spiritual goal.

My grandma’s passing provoked me to look at things in a different light. Time is so precious. Life is fleeting. It’s easy to overlook on things that truly matter. The cycle of birth and death waits for no one. Life unfolds perfectly the way it was supposed to. What matters is today and what we do with our time. Happiness is here and now.

She went through a great deal of suffering. She survived stomach cancer, a bypass, knee replacement surgery and numerous other ailments. One moment is filled with pain and the other moment a freedom from it. She went off peacefully with her family by her side when she took her last breath. She lived a good life despite her pain and sufferings. Her children and grandchildren live to attest to that.

We mourned. We celebrate her life. I am contented by the fact that we spent quality time with her just before her passing. I am happy that she’s now relieved of all her physical sufferings. Rest in peace,¬†patti.

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