Herbal Remedy_Karpuravalli

Svadhi was down with cold and she has been coughing and wheezing. I’ve heard a lot about karpuravalli leaf which is used to treat coughs and colds, especially in children. It has a very pleasant herbal smell described as camphor-like scent. My grandfather is very equipped with the knowledge of Indian home remedies and he swore by the medicinal properties of this leaf to treat cough and chest congestion. I decided to give it a try. After all, I wasn’t at all keen in giving Svadhi cough mixture and decided to explore the alternative of traditional remedy. Within a couple of days of ingesting the juice from the karpuravalli leaf, Svadhi’s cough and wheezing stopped. I am so impressed with the medicinal wonder of this aromatic plant! I’ve been having this plant at my backyard for quite some time but have never realized its use. I am definitely not under-estimating herbal remedies and made a pact with my grandfather to learn as much as I can about Indian traditional herbal remedies.


Heat the leaves over medium heat till it’s soft. Then, add about 1/2 tsp water and pound it. Squeeze the juice out of the pounded leaves and add honey/molasses before feeding.

Alfred was also suffering from cough and for him I boiled the leaves for about 10 minutes or so and served the water with some honey.

Karpuravalli leaf

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4 Responses to Herbal Remedy_Karpuravalli

  1. Nur Shuib says:

    Hi again! Where do you think I can get the plant?

    • geeta79 says:

      Most Indians have it planted in their homes. Maybe you can try asking some of your Indian friends. It’s very easy to grow.

  2. Logeetha says:

    Just heat it over the fire? Is that all? My little one is having a bad cold and I would like to try this

    • geeta79 says:

      Heat the leaf on fire (small flame) just until it softens. Then pound the leaf with few drops of water. Squeeze the juice out and feed your child. 1-2 tsp should suffice.

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