@ Shuba’s

I try to make a conscious effort to keep in touch with my friends. Visiting each other keeps us close and our children have the chance to get to know each other. Today we visited Shuba and her family in Seremban.

Shuba and Durai have 2 beautiful sons, Nithish and Himesh. Himesh is just about to turn one and he is a cutie-pie and very well-behaved. Nithish is such a darling. He was very gentle with Svadhi and was ever so willing to share all his toys. Svadhi was thrilled to have a playmate. It was such a delight watching them interact. Nithish’s stories and exclamations kept us entertained through the night. It broke my heart to see his sad face when we were leaving. He told us “Svadhi can stay with us. She can play with my toys”. Looking forward to seeing them again!

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