Spiritual talks

We were fortunate to be able to attend two spiritual events this month. The first one is by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on 30th March at PWTC. His talk was awakening. He spoke of the many aspects of human life where stress is the main component and how meditation plays an important role in alleviating many mind-imposed diseases. He advised to free the mind, body and soul of daily self-imposed stress.

We also feel blessed to receive the hugging saint Amma’s blessings on April 9 at Putrajaya International Convention Centre. We were overwhelmed when we saw how long the queue was when we arrived. What amazed us even more is the knowledge that Amma will see to it that she hugs each and every one of her devotees. We told ourselves that if it becomes too late, we will leave since Svadhi needs to go to sleep. The evening started with some bhajans and speech by Amma. Each and every word she uttered rang so true to the soul. She is an enlightened soul. The difference she has made in other people’s life, particularly the less fortunate ones are beyond words. Her love is unconditional. We then knew that we had to wait for our turn to receive her hug. By the time our turn came, it was almost 5 a.m. The experience of being hugged by Amma cannot be described in words. I felt a strong aura around her and when she whispered into my ear, I felt all worries fade away and felt lighter and free. It was an unforgettable moment which will be cherished forever.

Individuals like these carve the path towards spiritual transformation and an awakening of a new consciousness.

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