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@ Mages’s house

Mages whipped up a scrumptious vegetarian fare when we visited her place today. Nowadays, I tend to cherish the time spent with my close friends since it’s hard for all of us to find a common suitable time to meet … Continue reading

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@ Ai Lin’s house

It has been a long long time since we last did this. It felt like the good ol’ days when we were in school. We chatted, played with Svadhi and Regina, laughed at their antics and we had time to … Continue reading

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Kitchen organization

I am a type A personality. Didn’t know about this classification until I attended the Subway franchisee training in Brisbane. Being organized keeps me happy. That doesn’t mean the house is tidy all the time – I wouldn’t classify myself … Continue reading

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Today’s menu

Onion and carrot puzhi kolumbu Cabbage cutlet Pumpkin sweet and spicy Deep-fried bitter-gourd

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Wholemeal raisin loaf

The base of the bread shares the same recipe as the wholemeal coffee bread, but instead of coffee chips I added raisins. The raisins gives a sweet burst of flavor in the bread. Love it!

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Today’s menu

Beetroot with grated coconut Nangka muda masak lemak French beans stir-fried with egg

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Menu plan

Monday: Fried idli with anchovies, dried chillies, onion and mustard seeds Tuesday: Yoghurt honey chilli prawns Red spinach dhal Wednesday: Leftovers Iceberg lettuce with boiled egg, corn and peas salad Thursday: Broccoli and cheese tikki Spinach with yoghurt and tomatoes … Continue reading

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@ Idaman Residence

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Breastfeeding journey comes to an end

A couple of months ago when my husband suggested that I started weaning off Svadhi from breast milk to get some sleep, I knew it wasn’t time yet. I soldiered on despite the sleep deprivation. My daughter protested every night … Continue reading

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19 months

What has she been up to: Says chitti (maternal aunt), go, bread, juice, cut, shoe. Weaned off the breast and transitioned to organic formula milk. Never fails to amuse her parents. Loves to be a part of everything we do … Continue reading

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