Breastfeeding journey comes to an end

A couple of months ago when my husband suggested that I started weaning off Svadhi from breast milk to get some sleep, I knew it wasn’t time yet. I soldiered on despite the sleep deprivation. My daughter protested every night so that she could suckle to sleep. I was her human pacifier. She wakes me up every hour or so so that she could have her fix. I wake up groggily every morning yearning for sleep. The mistake lies in me for not training her with bottle, making it impossible for my family to help to take care of her. I was breast feeding on demand all the time.

Then it came a day when I felt it’s time. I know I’ve breastfed her for as long as I can. Now I feel the time has come for me to take the much needed rest. It took about 1 month of gradual weaning off. I started breast feeding her less frequently during the day. The night was usual every hourly feed. As Svadhi is very comfortable with my mom, I went back to Melaka and my mom helped me to wean her off.

It wasn’t easy for her neither it was for me. There was this occasional guilt pangs and I gave in a couple of times. The whole process took place as gradually as possible. For me there wasn’t any engorgement since I reduced the feed very gradually. Svadhi adjusted after a couple of weeks (though her favorite word is still nana – referring to my breast). Now, she’s completely off the breast.

When I started the breast feeding journey 19 months ago, little did I imagine that I’d come this far. It has been a great bonding journey for us. I take pride in knowing that I’ve provided my baby with the best food a mother can offer for the past 19 months.

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