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Alfred’s cousin came down from the US, so we went to visit them at Kajang. Svadhi exhilarated to meet her two cousins for the first time. She was all over them. Nadia and Sonia are such well-behaved and sweet girls. … Continue reading

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Baking workshop with Catherine Lau

This baking workshop was very interesting at the fact that the chef uses palm oil in her bakes. The chef shared the tips of baking and demonstrated the recipes for red velvet cupcakes, chocolate tartlets and pumpkin seed scones. She … Continue reading

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Menu plan ~ 25/6 – 1/7

Monday: Sardine sambal Red spinach with dhal Tuesday: Palak with cheddar cheese Fried spiced potatoes Omelette with tomatoes and onions Wednesday: Tomato rice Cauliflower and  broccoli fritters Tempeh sambal Thursday: Leftover tomato rice Leftover cauliflower & broccoli fritters Pudina thoyal … Continue reading

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Orange-juice-with-lychee-flesh popsicles

Perfect on a hot and humid day. I squeezed the juice out of 4 Navel oranges (and took some of the sacs out too) and mixed in some peeled-and-deseeded lychee flesh (which I’ve chopped into small-bite-sized pieces). Svadhi fell in … Continue reading

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Flour-less peanut butter cookies

I am a big fan of peanut butter. These cookies were the perfect treat for me after a long day of handling a temperamental toddler. As she was napping, I sat down with a cookie in my hand and bit … Continue reading

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The little artist at work

She gets to express her creativity and channel her energy to a better use and I get to have a breather.

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Noah & Svadhi

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Amma’s Birthday

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Malacca Zoo

It was a hot and humid day but it sure didn’t deter us from going to the zoo. Svadhi has always been excited over animals when she sees them on the National Geographic. So, now it’s time to introduce her … Continue reading

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20 months

Recognizes colors and able to identify and distinguish blue, red, yellow and green color. Communicates in her own language; she’s extremely adorable when she does that. Full with adult expression when she babbles. With eyes rolling, nodding and hands moving … Continue reading

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