20 months

  • Recognizes colors and able to identify and distinguish blue, red, yellow and green color.
  • Communicates in her own language; she’s extremely adorable when she does that. Full with adult expression when she babbles. With eyes rolling, nodding and hands moving animatedly, she’s a typical Indian, haha! I tend to participate by nodding and engaging her when she talks to me. She gets very upset if I don’t look at her when she talks. I love to sit and marvel at her beautiful expressions.
  • She loves watching my sisters dress up. She’s obsessed with makeup and all the girly stuffs. Once, she sneaked into my sister’s room and tried on her lipstick and eyeliner.
  • Gives me a hug whenever she wishes to. It’s the best feeling in the world!
  • Comes and kisses me when I am upset at her mischief.
  • Loves and adores babies and kids.
  • Hums to the jolly phonics songs – I am very impressed at her music sense.
  • Loves spicy food.
  • Refers to the cockroach as Cococo – it’s so amusing to see her freak out at the creepy-crawlies.
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