Road trip to Tg. Sepat & Sg. Pelek

I love road-trips. I am blessed to be married to a man who loves traveling as much as I do. The interesting part of road-trips is that you get to take the path less traveled. And we love to go on an adventure trying out the local fares and delicacies. A few weeks ago, I read somewhere about the beauty of Tanjung Sepat. A quaint fishing village which offers cheap seafood. Since it’s an hour and a half drive from our place, we decided to go for a day trip.

We stopped over for lunch and caught the first whiff of the sea breeze the moment we got down. The feel of sand on our feet brings back the excitement of our childhood. Svadhi wasn’t too thrilled with having sand on her feet, though. She squeaked and screamed demanding us to remove the sand on her feet. So we placed her on the swing and she was happily swinging up and down. Although the food wasn’t that great, the ambiance surrounding the restaurant is very welcoming.

We continued our journey to the fishing village. We stopped by a jetty and since the restaurant was yet to open for business, we decided to walk in and sat in one of the huts. We sat there and soaked in the sea breeze. Absolutely beautiful. A perfect getaway. Just what I wanted. A respite from the humdrum and hectic city life. We savored every moment, enjoying the stillness and calmness of the beach. Svadhi was enthralled with the wind blowing through her hair. I could see that she was having a good time. Alfred couldn’t resist the temptation of taking a nap on the jetty with the wind lulling him to la-la-land. Svadhi and I sat and watched the tide come in. I can’t remember how long we were there. When we finally decided to leave the jetty (with a heavy heart of course), we felt more invigorated and alive than before!

Our next stop was Hai Yew Heng pau shop. The word has it that Tanjung Sepat is famous for its glorious soft and fluffy steamed buns. Indeed, the buns are different from the ones we usually get here. The texture of the bun is springy and soft and not crumbly. I particularly loved the vegetarian buns.

We had an early dinner in Sungai Pelek, which was our last stop. We had Oh-chien (fried oyster omelette). They were generous with the oysters and it was reasonably priced.

It was a great getaway and to think that this sanctuary is just 1 1/2 hour drive away is enough to lure us to come back again.

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