Nyonya delights cooking demonstration

When I saw the advertisement on The Star newspaper about this cooking demonstration, I was excited. I love attending any cooking and baking workshops/demonstration. It keeps my sanity in check šŸ˜‰ I get to go out, mingle and learn new recipes and some tips from the respective chefs. I’d normally come back re-energized! Most of these workshops are held during the weekend. It’s a perfect chance for me to take a respite and for Alfred to bond with Svadhi šŸ™‚

This cooking demonstration was conducted by Chef Debbie Teoh, who is a true bred Nyonya from Melaka. I found out that she is from the same neighborhood as I am! What a small world.

It was a fun cooking demonstration. Debbie was full of life and shared many tips on cooking authentic Nyonya dishes. I am a big fan of nyonya food – it’s so full of flavor. The different types of spice that goes in produces a rich and aromatic meal. Debbie shared and demonstrated the recipes for popiah goreng, roti jala with nyonya chicken curry and kueh ketayap. We get to participate in rolling the popiah as well as making the roti jala. Finally, we got to taste the dishes. It was scrumptious! I went for a second serving šŸ˜‰

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