Kom’s visit

Kom and her children came to visit today. I was so looking forward to having them over. It has been some time since we got together. I made tomato rice and Hawaiian pizza; and Kom brought over home-cooked kurma, tofu sambal, spiced eggplant and bread pudding. For teatime, the kids had waffles with ice cream.

The kids were so engrossed in their play. They were occupied with the iPad at first, then went out to the backyard for some bubble-time, then it was tent-time followed by tunnel-time and they just went on and on 🙂 So happy to see the kids have fun and interact. Dhavinesh and Niveysha are such well-behaved kids. Good job, Kom! While the kids were having fun, Kom and I managed to spend some quality uninterrupted time together just chatting. The kids were having such a good time that I manage to convince them to stay for dinner 🙂

The house was filled with laughter and chatter and the occasional squeals of excited children – and the aftermath of their play-project, haha. All a good reminder of how much fun the kids were having. The joy is in seeing how much fun the kids had. And trying to recall when was the last time we had fun like that!

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