Homemade candle

We buy lots of oranges in this household. Most of the time the skin is just discarded. When I stumbled upon a site which showcased homemade candles from orange peels, I was excited to give it a try. I am all out for natural and homemade stuffs!

(Taken from: http://www.intimateweddings.com/blog/diy-orange-candles/)

You will need:

  • A navel orange (they are easier to peel). The orange will be resting on the stem side, so find an orange with a stem that doesn’t protrude too much.
  • a sharp knife
  • vegetable oil
  • lighter
  1. Using a small, sharp knife cut around the orange – but only skin deep (without going into the flesh).
  2. Use your fingers to work the skin away from the orange. Be gentle, so you don’t rip the skin.
  3. Once it has been loosened, remove the skin – but leave the white stem-like piece intact. This will be the wick. Make sure the wick is dry.
  4. Fill with oil until it is about 1 cm from the top of the wick.
  5. Dunk the wick in the oil, so it is coated.
  6. Light.

I enjoy seeing the warm light from the candle illuminating the dining room. So comforting.

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