22 months

What has she been up at 22 months:

  • Loves singing – she has got a good ear in picking up the melody of any songs and hums each song with its correct tune.
  • Says aiyoh-yo when something goes wrong.
  • When we are out, she refuses to walk and only wants her mother to carry her.
  • Very particular about cleanliness and tidiness. Definitely takes after me 😉
  • Demands my constant attention. When I am reading papers or on the phone she’ll come up to me and gestures me to stop reading/talking.
  • Her feelings are easily hurt now. It takes a good 10 minutes for her to calm down after a meltdown.
  • She is so fascinated that certain animals have tail and checks every now and then whether she’s growing a tail.
  • Danced for a full 30 minutes to her favorite Tamil song in front of a group of 5 people including her parents. She had all her dance moves figured out. So many different moves. It’s the first time I see her dance for that long. Of all songs, we are baffled why she chose that song. We all had a good laugh.
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