Weekend @ FRIM

We love outdoors and staying active. It helps us to keep in shape and be fit. We certainly want to inculcate this habit in Svadhi. We abhor going to the mall except when we need to shop or catch a movie. Otherwise, we visit the park whenever Alfred is off. So, on a nice sunny Friday morning we found ourselves in FRIM.

We brought Svadhi for a stroll around the park and soon we came to the picnic area near the waterfall. We sat down on one of the rocks, soaking our feet in the icy-cold crystal-clear water and just basked in the sound of water flowing down to the stream. It was so relaxing. Tiny fishes took the opportunity to nibble the dead cells off our feet while we chilled. Soon Svadhi got bored and wanted to go somewhere else.

Next spot was the giant boulder just across the waterfall. We sat on one of it and basked in the sunlight peeping through the leaves of majestic trees surrounding the jungle. What a beautiful day it was…

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