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Menu Plan: (24/9 – 30/9)

Monday: Breakfast: 100% wholemeal bread Dinner: Meehoon Siam Dessert: Warm soybean Homemade: Lime & ginger spicy pickles Baking: Oats & cranberries scones Tuesday: Breakfast: Oats & cranberries scones Dinner: Kanchipuram thosai Asam pedas fish Baking: Moist carrot cake Wednesday: Dinner: … Continue reading

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Washable Wall Chalk

I’m totally against graffiti. But this was permissible on the pretext that it’s washable. So one evening, Svadhi and John was sighted scribbling on the wall at our backyard. And it was all washed away when it rained that night. … Continue reading

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Oat & Cranberries scones

From a distance I could hear the thunder. A sound which nudged me to smile in relief. I am not fond of the heat. The sun has been blazing to its full glory lately. We were hoping for some rain. … Continue reading

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Menu Plan: (17/9 – 23/9)

Monday: John’s birthday ~no cooking~ Tuesday: Lunch & Dinner: (Fusion) Cauliflower & brinjal with roasted peanuts & salted beans Ladies finger in creamy masala sauce Mushroom stir-fried Wednesday: Breakfast: Sweet potato doughnuts (fried) Dinner: (Malay) Kacang panjang stir-fried with chili … Continue reading

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The best of cousins in the world!

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Multi-lentils thosai

My mom passed me this recipe. It’s a keeper. I never realized the unlimited varieties of thosai one can make. I am elated to try out all the other thosai recipes from my mother. I am sorry that I only … Continue reading

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Prawn meehoon

One of my favorite Malaysian dishes is the prawn mee. Very often than not, I end up disappointed whenever I sample a piping bowl of this delectable dish. It’s either the broth is too salty or there is not enough … Continue reading

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100% wholemeal bread

Hearty, wholesome and delicious. Love this recipe! It’s soft and fluffy and it contains 100% wholemeal flour with no white flour added. When toasted, the crust gives off a crispy edge – so irresistible that it’s impossible to stop after … Continue reading

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23 months

Here’s what she has been up to: Requests for car rides every night after dinner. Loves it when I narrate our experiences – for e.g. the trip to the bird park – she listens attentively and I can see her … Continue reading

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Healthy wholemeal cookies

My daughter loves to eat. Being a conscious parent, we are aware of the importance of providing her with wholesome food. We want her to savor food at its most natural form – fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes and grains. I … Continue reading

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