Mint plant

I just love the wonderful scent emanating from freshly picked mint leaves. I’ve always wanted to keep a pot of mint plant in my backyard. Our first mint plant was given by John – it was the plant that his dad grew. When it first came, the plant was lush and full of life. Slowly, it started to wilt. I remembered feeling devastated seeing the plant slowly losing its vigor and die. Nothing could be done to revive the plant.

Amongst the sweet smelling basil and karpuravalli plants, the smell of mint wafting in the air is certain to make my day. So after using up all the mint leaves that I bought from Tesco, I decided to plant the stems. More of an experiment, actually. This second time around I decided that I will plant it myself and nurture it with care and love. The feel of soil/dirt beneath my fingernails thrilled me.

I spoke to the plant as I dug and loosened the soil. I slowly buried the shoots inside. I conversed with the plant with tender loving care fully aware that it’s a living thing. When I saw more and more mint leaves growing out of the shoots, I became ecstatic! Little did I realize that I had green fingers! I marvelled at the patience of the plant where it took its own time to grow. No rush. No hurry. It just grew at its own pace. The higher intelligence at work. I learned to be as present as the plant.

Now I have more respect for gardening and how much pleasure and therapy it gives to those who tend to their garden. It’s deeply gratifying to watch the plant grow day by day.

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