John’s Birthday

Our good friend cum housemate cum business partner turned 35 today. So I baked him his favorite cake – moist chocolate cake with cocoa cream cheese frosting. We had a simple celebration at his parents’ house in Wangsa Melawati.

Here’s a toast to many more wonderful things to come in your way, John!

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6 Responses to John’s Birthday

  1. Neeta says:

    Hi there,

    I came across your site recently & I’m grateful that I did! There are so many delicious recipe’s to try from! Thank you for being kind enough to share. I’m dying to try out your choco cake but I can’t find the recipe,do you mind sharing?

    • geeta79 says:

      Hi Neeta,
      Thank you for your kind feedback. It’s so gratifying to share healthy homemade recipes. For the chocolate cake though, I didn’t publish my recipe because I am taking order for that particular cake since it’s popular and I’ve tested and modified the recipe over the years. I am so sorry for not being able to share the recipe for the chocolate cake.

  2. Neeta says:

    Hey that’s okay..may I know how the charges are like per kg? Was wondering if I cld plc an order?
    And where can I get the popsicle holders?

    • geeta79 says:

      Yes, you can place order – moist chocolate cake with cocoa cream cheese frosting is RM75 per kg. I got the popsicle holder from Melaka. Will be getting one for my friend. I can get one for you if you want.

      • Neeta says:

        It’s so nice of u to offer for the Popsicle holder,yes I would like one. Thx!
        Can I place an order for ur decadent cake for 1kg for Diwali? *crossing my fingers that ur not fully booked!*
        Can I get ur email add pls so that I can email u instead?
        And wishing u a very Happy Birthday! Hope u had a wonderful time with ur family. God bless!

        Pls do

      • geeta79 says:

        You can email me at Please drop me an email with regards to the cake order. Thanks.

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