PJ Half Marathon

It has been quite a while since I religiously followed a workout routine since Svadhi was born. I remember fondly the evening walks I used to take around the Ayer Keroh recreational forest in Melaka when I was heavily pregnant. I recall feeling re-energized and invigorated after sweating out.

I love communing with nature, which is why I abhor going to the gym. Parks, recreational forest and other natural settings have always been my favorite places to go. In order to motivate myself to get back on an exercise routine, I signed up for the 7 km run in the PJ Half marathon. I trained twice or thrice weekly at the Lake Gardens. I absolutely love running there. The whole place is full of life! While I train, Svadhi is kept occupied in the playground with Alfred.

At the same time I also took up yoga. I started practicing every morning by watching online videos. I will talk more about that in another post. One day I think I stretched myself too much. Both my knees started hurting after that. The race was just a few days away. I decided to go ahead and give my best. I gave myself 1 hour and a half to complete the 7 km run. As it was my first time partaking in a run, I started having pre-race jittery.

The night before I went to bed early since I had to get up at around 4 and be in the stadium around 5 a.m. When I reached the stadium, the car parks were full and I had to park about 1 km away from the stadium. There were so many people and a plethora of activities taking place at the stadium when I arrived. I was jostled back to wakefulness.

With my knees still hurting, I started jogging and kept my pace throughout the race – jog and walk, then run, jog and walk, etc. I managed to complete the run in an hour. I was very happy. I walked back to my car thinking of my daughter. The feeling after completing the race and running towards the finishing line is indescribable. I certainly look forward to participating in other runs in the future.

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